1. I keep reading dire warnings online about “flipping the switch”, “watering the Tree of Liberty”, and “crossing the Rubicon”…but I wonder whether anything will really happen. Trump keeps fighting and the Swamp keeps shooting him down, the media keeps ignoring or denigrating him and his supporters, and the social-media scum keep trying to gaslight us into believing that there was no electoral fraud.

    So what happens if Biden is inaugurated? Will shots be fired? Will any state try to secede? Or will we face a permanent, illegitimate DemonRat/Commie regime opposed by online grumblers who never actually *do* anything? I don’t *want* a war, but I don’t want to be a slave, or even a subject, either. But I’m a childless, 51 year old, normal, White male with no prospects of a family of my own and nothing to kill or die for, and I’m probably too comfortable for my own good. I honestly don’t know what it would take to induce me to take up arms, and I don’t know how to resist through other means.

    Does anyone have any more concrete approaches than toothless online defiance or going on a shooting spree? Not just vague platitudes, and snake memes, but actual, step-by-step *plans*, with definitive objectives?

  2. May 2021 bring you all greater health, wealth and happiness. It is up to us individually to achieve this, not to some “they” or “the government”.

    My crystal ball is in for repair, I think it is at that shop where Hunter left his laptops for a year, so no brilliant insights will be forthcoming.

    As to what we do individually, it starts with ignoring any edict, rule or policy that has not been actually imposed by vote of the legislature. This means that any political thing imposed by a judge or bureaucrat is eminently ignorable. I see this as becoming more and more prevalent, including by those ELECTED to uphold the law (sheriffs, marshals).

    State and local police are purely political appointees or hired (with whatever degree of window dressing) and as such are the enforcement arm of politicians, be more wary of them.

    If the socialists actually do take power, and the senate goes even 50/50 D/R, then we as a constitutional republic are in greater danger than otherwise. Like I said, no crystal ball but state by state we may see the total separation of the 2 opposing forces (well sort of, as many in the R party are really D brethren). More like county by county then.

    I would reture to Texas in a heartbeat, but the wife unit wishes to stay closer to family, so we are stuck here in MI. Granted we are far enough away from Lansing and Wayne county that the effect is minimal, but we are now swamped with escaping Illinoisans from Chicago. They are going to be a real problem going forward as they will likely vote here AND in Chicago.

    Now go meet Mr. Glenlivet or any other Speyside resident.

  3. Yes, good riddance to 2020. I am very hopeful that 2021 will be much brighter, but I don’t think we will see any light until springtime at least. And I’d like nothing more than to be proven wrong.

    I am settled with the fact that Biden will occupy the White House starting January 20, but for how long is the question. The, the real nightmare will begin.

    In spite of this, I am very hopeful. And I am also prepared to fight, resist, etc. as required.

  4. 2021: the year the United Socialist States of America (USSA) registered the change of name at the UN

    1. If that happens, all bets are off. It would be like waving a red cape in the face of a bull.

  5. I hate to say it, but in 2021, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” may be the least of our worries.
    If we survive it, we can dish about it this time next year.
    Keep your head down, your powder dry and within arms reach.
    The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.

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