1. “I know you’re gay and teetotal but you might at least pretend to enjoy it, brother mine.”

    (Note that despite his possessive arm their legs are crossed away from each other.)

  2. – WORKING GIRLS at THE TRADE SHOW 1959 – whisper: Wanda Sue will give him lasting memories of tonight’s fun, memories that will last for a long time, and something extra-special to take home to his sweet, little, wife.

  3. Tsk. What a bunch of animals. They’ll never be able to buff the stilleto scratches out of that tabletop.

  4. “She was a slut in high school, she was a slut in college, and she’s still a slut now.”

  5. “I don’t know how your mother maintains her figure, but I think you should speak to her about …”

  6. The good old days doing business in the manly way and when you write up your expenses it’s all tax deductible when you know the right nomenclature for the luxury suite, full bar and Miss Elaine (correction – miscellaneous set up and cleaning charges).

  7. “Yum! I’m going to rip the bow-tie off that bartender… and give him the ‘what for’!”
    [fans cheeks]:
    “Oh, the bartender has a bow-tie! Well, it looks like I have my evening all planned out!”
    “Did you see the bow-tie on that bartender! How dashing!”
    She [stage-whisper so everybody hears over the music and enthusiastic yelling]:
    “Honey, how come you never wear any of the bow-ties I get you?”
    He [thinking]:
    ‘I am. I am going to kill that little twerp!’

    1. (In the hiss women perfect to get through to their menfolk)

      “Rocko, if you EVER bring me to another party like this, I will take the hedge clippers to your cazzo.

  8. “Gadzooks! That’s the third pair of granny-bloomers he pulled off her… is there no end to her linens!”


    “Did you know I can ‘rub one out’ by crossing my legs and bouncing my foot… Geez!, here comes another one!”

  9. “Ted, I don’t care if it is a New Year’s party. He’s the President! Talk to McNamara. If Jackie finds out she’ll have him shot!”

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