Excellent Reading

TakiMag‘s weekly summary of the news is generally so-so, but the latest is superb.  Here’s an example:

Last week, French authorities were left scratching their heads following the crowning of a new Miss France. It seems that the first runner-up, April Benayoum, is Jewish. And for some odd reason, when Benayoum, who holds the title of Miss Provence, mentioned during the telecast that her father is Israeli, French Twitter exploded with “hate tweets” directed at the 21-year-old beauty.  A few choice examples (translated into English):

“Uncle Hitler, you forgot to exterminate Miss Provence.”
“She should not be Miss Provence; SHE’S A JEW!”
“Hitler forgot one.”
“Into the ovens with her!”
“Death to Miss Provence! Death to Israel!”

This story has been widely covered by the French media, with everyone from the interior minister to the pageant winner speaking out to condemn the hateful tweets. Oddly missing from every news report is a tiny little detail regarding the offending Twitter accounts. Indeed, whereas some French politicians have tried to blame the anti-Jewish onslaught on the “far right,” one canny Twitterer made the following observation after reviewing the profiles of the “haters”:

“French far right tweeters do not have Arabic handles or North African surnames.”

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  1. France let in the wrong immigrants, and unless they correct their mistake, there will not be a France for long.
    Charles Martel weeps!

  2. Reading about the disconnect between cause and effect, I learned a new word:
    * bafflement

    Bafflement is often accompanied by hand-wringing and pearl-clutching, and immediately precedes rapidly walking in tiny circles while wailing.

    Used in a sentence:
    * “After OfficialsAndAuthorities imported millions of nincompoops to vote for narrow nincompoopery, they expressed their utter BAFFLEMENT at the nincompoops expanding their nincompoopery into broad nincompoopery by the nincompoops. According to a BAFFLEMENT press-release from TheAuthorityComplex, OfficialsAndAuthorities never anticipated the nincompoops expanding beyond the parameters established by scholars in prestigious institutions.”

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