1. Sten,
      You are one sick puppy.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially on this website.

      1. Hey, hey – who’s the one posting pictures of pungent Judy? Gettin’ so a guy can’t tell a pomander from a pisspot. Sorry times.

  1. Facebook survey reveals 47% of Miata owners also report owning an internet-connected bottom-washing appliance.

    Statistical sampling is a lot like making sausage…

  2. Ever the professional, but oblivious to the grim consequences of the drug-induced “cum shot” for her doomed partner, Penelope turned and smiled for the camera.

  3. As seen on televisionprogramming:
    “As you won’t want to miss another thrilling episode of Fountains In Ponds In Parks as we join our lovely hostess Tiffany as she is in the midst of admiring another thrilling fountain in a pond in a park as our loyal Patreon subscribers discover her secret hidden inner secret about the thing about the thing!”

    [As I got a good deal on my weekly supply of ‘as’, I need to work them in anyplace I can… as you probably noticed]

  4. Well, I must admit that I’ve always been a strong supporter of feminine hygiene.

    So this makes me feel very pleased.

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