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From I&I:

The facts are, as of Monday, a full week after election day, Biden is behind President Donald Trump in the undisputed electoral count — Biden’s 226 to Trump’s 232 (assuming Trump wins North Carolina) — with a full 80 outstanding electoral votes in seven states still in a legal fog and unlikely to be determined much before the December 14 state deadlines to report the count to Congress.

Only the candidate with at least 270 actual electoral votes reported to Congress on that date will be declared the winner. Nothing more and nothing less. And it certainly won’t be “declared” by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

So what can we say at this point about the outstanding 80 electoral votes in those seven states? What are the states in play and what are the ultimate likely outcomes?

The seven states still counting votes, or with recounts ordered, or audits forecast, or credible evidence of fraud or system “glitches” include:

      • Georgia’s 16 electoral votes under a scheduled recount.
      • Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes under a scheduled audit and a Supreme Court order.
      • Michigan’s 16 electoral votes with statehouse subpoenas for election officials.
      • Wisconsin’s 10 votes under a scheduled recount and statewide canvas.
      • Nevada’s 6 votes chasing legal challenges for fraud and a Bill Barr DOJ investigation.
      • Arizona’s 11 votes still counting and under scrutiny for voter irregularities.
      • And Nebraska’s 1 electoral vote in their District 2 under investigation.

That’s 80 outstanding Electoral College votes for which no one can at this point reliably predict a final resolution. How can anyone possibly know the results of any investigation, audit or recount before they have begun?

This is even more interesting than Bush/Gore 2000, where only Floriduh’s votes were in dispute, and that only by Democrats (remember, in all subsequent recounts, even those sponsored by Lefty orgs like the New York Times, Bush still won Florida handily).

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  1. But, but, but, even FOX NEWS declared Biden the winner! Every Democrat I know insists that that’s the last word on the matter!

  2. Media + deep state = President Harris. You can take that to the bank. If the GA senate runoff doesn’t go our way, bend over and do your best to enjoy being sodomized by a chainsaw. Don’t bother with the lube; it won’t help.

    1. If the comments by AOC and Fauxcahontas are any indication of the Left’s intentions, they won’t even bother to sharpen the chainsaw.

    1. That was then. This is now.

      THIS TIME the Right has probable cause.
      “Probable cause to search for evidence or to seize evidence requires that an officer is possessed of sufficient facts and circumstances as would lead a reasonable person to believe that evidence or contraband relating to criminal activity will be found in the location to be searched. As with an arrest, if an officer cannot articulate the facts forming the basis for probable cause, the search and seizure will not hold up in court.” — The Law Dictionary .org, Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed

      Throw enough reasonable doubt at the elections, get the true believers to wait on a mountain top instead of trying to oppose legal process, and keep those boxed of doubtful ballots “cast” by Xerox and Royal, and others of similar ilk, from being certified. It’s the American Way, even if it isn’t Stalin’s way (he always said who counted the ballots was more important than who cast them).

  3. This is going to SCOTUS. Given the violation of election laws, destruction of evidence, indications of computer fraud and just old school ballot box stuffing, I don’t see how the Supreme Court sorts this mess out. They can’t invalidate whole states or even parts thereof without running afoul of other constitutional provisions. They can’t exclude categories of votes because they have been co-mingled. What is left is a redo but who is there to supervise that. Or they could punt to the state legislatures, ordering them to use their best judgment. I think this is the likely outcome as the Chief Squish would like to be off the hot seat. It even has a plausible constitutional basis. This means Trump wins assuming the legislatures go with their partisan affiliation but the onus is on the legislatures not the SC. If I am right, expect confrontations in selected state capitals between Antifa mobs and Trump Trains.

    Whatever the outcome and the process, half the country is going to believe the election was stolen. Bad moon rising.

    1. I think the best people to supervise the redo of the election would be witnesses from several of the third world countries ol’ Clueless Carter helped supervise when he was out and about guaranteeing the vote amongst the poor and unwashed. Serve the Leftists right if their inferiors were to supervise them and catch them cheating.

  4. This is more an alert about the media than a statement of the election. Anyone that breathes is aware of the media criminality in this. 2 things need to occur right away.

    1. The election process needs to be overhauled completely from the roots up so as to avoid issues of doubt and error in the future.

    2. The media must be held accountable in all ways for it’s behavior, whatever it takes. The 1st amendment is not permission to damage others without recourse.

    1. so how do you punish the media? Fox is losing viewers. How do you punish CNN, MSNBC, network propaganda, NYT, LA Times, etc? They have their viewership of sheep. They won’t lose viewers so their ad revenue will remain the same

        1. Abolish the malice standard from Sullivan v New York Times.
          It shouldn’t be impossible to succeed on a libel case against the Media arm of the Fenians /er . . . Democrats.
          It shouldn’t be impossible to succeed against their IRA wing, either, the BLM/Antifa, but that’s a different rant.

  5. I don’t see a good way forward here. As noted above, there’s little doubt of election fuckery, to anyone who’s paying attention. But our media are invested in their chosen outcome, so those who would in past times do serious investigative journalism are instead refusing to look and then proclaiming “there’s no evidence!”

    Let’s be blunt. If this stands, and particularly if the Georgia senatorial runoffs turn blue , it may well be that we will no longer have fair elections in this country. The US that we knew and loved will be no more, and Americans will have to get used to living like 99% of the rest of historical humanity lived: under a government completely unaccountable to the citizens. By definition, a tyranny.

    So – options? First, there’s the boxes. If the courts cannot or will not provide relief . . . .

    (I should note that as long as juries decide cases, we still have a voice – jury nullification is a real thing, and one we should use, if necessary, in appropriate cases. The jury still exists to stand between the citizen and the state. I for one would have no problem voting to acquit anyone of mere firearms possession charges, statutory law or not; a law in violation of the constitution is null and void. And yes, I may have to lie on voir dire to get on the jury to do so)

    . . . . and the ballot box is no longer free or fair, it’s only a matter of time before the soap box is ended as well. In fact, we are well on our way to exactly that. You all know what that leaves.

    The alternative is to do what most of humanity did, and still does: Ignore the government, get along as best we can, and just get used to living in a tyranny. I don’t know that as a citizen of a formerly free republic, I can get used to that. And I’m old enough that the thought of dying doesn’t worry me as much as it once did. Further, “to live is Christ, and to die is gain,” so dying has no particular fear.

    So – $64.000 question: are we at the point we all knew was there philosophically – the fundamental purpose of the 2nd Amendment? Or at least nearing it, or seeing it as a real possibility, not just a theoretical foundation? Are we Americans, the heir to the heritage of revolution and self-reliance? Or are we too “civilized,” become sheep in an era where mere life has become so precious that liberty is sacrificed? Does Patrick Henry’s call ring with Americans today?

    Maybe. I don’t know. I know tyranny is substantially closer than it was a month ago. Free and fair elections are a hallmark of a free society. We no longer have those. And folks, keep in mind we say these things in a public forum, where TPTB are certainly monitoring (hello, NSA – yes, that means you). I know I’m one step closer to forming up that intelligence/supply network I spoke of previously. At some point, we may all have to go dark, and find some other way of communicating. Please let it not come to that.

    Good luck and Godspeed.

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