Very Brief Encounter

We’re all familiar with the story of the classic 1940s movie Brief Encounter, where Trevor Howard and the exquisite Celia Johnson meet by chance at a railway station, and over a period of time are increasingly tempted to have a little extramarital fling.  (They don’t, of course, because morality and conscience and also because it wasn’t in the script.)

Nowadays, it appears, people seem to have little time for morality or anything other than a quick knee-trembler under similar circumstances:

Kate Jackson has also been handed a 12 month community order after the ‘al fresco’ romp in front of shoppers at 3.43pm. Jackson, 40, was waiting for a train home in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester on August 10 when she realised the train was delayed.
While waiting she got chatting with a stranger before passers-by saw her having intercourse with 44-year old Jonathon Pisani shortly after.
The pair both admitted outraging public decency, with Pisani due to appear in court for sentencing in December.

This being Manchester, of course, one should not be surprised and doubly so, considering the appearance of the coupling commuters.  [barf bag may be necessary:  follow link at own risk]

I do have a random thought arising from this, though:  if the woman has already been sentenced, why should it take more than another month to pass sentence on the man?

Perhaps my Brit Readers can cast light on the topic, once they’re done being violently ill.

Also, I need to make a note of the term al fresco romp, just for future reference when talking about coupling en plain air.


  1. Most likely it’s simply because they got separate trials, at different dates.
    Never question the logic of bureaucrats, that way lies madness.

  2. It’s the climate, of course, but I keep wondering why people like this bother to wear clothing.

  3. I’m going to take a wild-ass guess and say there were hard drugs involved in the transaction.

  4. Something similar almost happened in front of me. I was having lunch in a pub and the couple kissing at a table by the window got lost in the moment and clothes started to come off. Unfortunately for the crowd of spectators that had begun to gather outside, the pub staff intervened.

  5. Eating outside, huh? Oh, they did not!

    She looks better with the mask on, and he needs one. Where I come from, we’d call that a three-bag encounter.

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