Fresh Fruit

I’m told that this is the new term for underage sex partners, although given that I’m at the “wrinkled prune” stage of life myself, I fail to see what I’m supposed to do with this information.

Anyway, here’s a sample of the above, this time from Strylia:

A former Tiger Air flight attendant who had sex with a 15-year-old boy has been released on bail after spending only one week in jail.
Melissa Nosti, from North Ryde in northern Sydney, had sex with a student at the school she used to work at as an attendance officer back in 2010.

You have to applaud her willingness to go the extra mile just to get the little scrote to stay in school — the parallel thought being that I bet that attendance among the other little scrotes was sky-high if she was spreading the love, so to speak.  And if her pictures are anything to go by, she probably was.

The only reason I noticed this at all is that the suburb where all this fresh fruit was being plucked is right next door to where the Sydney branch of my adopted family now lives.  (New Wife’s two sons and their wives live in Oz and Seffrica, respectively.)


  1. Back when I was fifteen, I would have nailed that like a sailor on shore leave after a year-long deployment. AND, if questioned, I would have denied the affair on a whole stack of bibles just so that I could have kept nailing it even more. “Dave, did you have sex with that woman?” “No sir I did not, I object to the way you’re trying to besmirch her good name and reputation, and I look forward to my private tutoring session next week as I need quite a bit of help with my human physiology class.”

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