A Triumph For Feminism

Let’s see:  because #feminismrules, you assign a female guard to an all-men’s prison.  What could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot, apparently.

Lauren McIntyre, 32, is accused of having a sexual relationship with convicted double murderer Andrew Roberts over a four-month period at HMP Isle of Wight, Metro reported.
Prison guard McIntyre — believed to be a mother-of-two— is accused of willfully and without reasonable excuse or justification misconducting herself in a way which amounted to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder because she had secret sex with murderer Roberts.

And the choirboy?

Roberts was convicted of strangling girlfriend Louise L’Homme, 23, and their eight-month-old daughter at the home they shared in 2003. He is serving a life term in prison.

This is what happens when you mix men and women together in a closed environment.  (And for the benefit of the dense:  whether it’s in a prison, a co-ed campus dormitory or on board a Navy ship, they’re gonna have sex.)  ‘Twas ever thus, and no amount of Feministical Theory or Woeful Handwringing will prevent it.

In the old days, prison guards were called “screws”.  Nowadays, that nickname seems to have a whole different meaning, dunnit?


  1. Um, how do you know one or the other of them wasn’t engaged in gender fluidity, resulting in some good old-fashioned homosexual pillow biting? Gender assume much? So reprehensible that your default position to impose your colonialist white patriarchal terrorism upon the hapless & sacred. How dare you.

    1. If you don’t stop with that rubbish, I’m going to post a picture of Bruce Jenner’s legs as they appear out of a “daring” split skirt.

      1. Oh please. We all know what Caitlen’s legs look like. They were shamelessly displayed on all those boxes of Wheaties.

  2. This was completely predictable.

    This sort of destruction of prison security was predictable. Thirty-five years ago there was a court case that held that, to further the careers of female guards, they must be assigned as guards to men’s prisons. At the time a group of male prisoners sued because the newly assigned female guards were also assigned to observe them when they were showering. The suit was dismissed as meritless. I cannot imagine the same being done if the sexes of the parties were reversed.

    The ladies, as they say, love outlaws.

    1. Feminism gets more and more hysterical with each wave. The first wave was right, vote, own property, hold what ever job they can based on merit, talent, skill and ambition. Feminism has become it’s own worst enemy with its excoriation of women who choose to work at home, hold non statist political views etc.

      One of my favorite cartoons was a single panel that showed a guy at a help desk at a book store and the caption said “This is a feminist bookstore, we don’t have a humor section.” That sums it up quite well for me. I have never met a happy feminist.


      1. The Left gets more hysterical and bizarre with each passing year. It’s as if each time something is deemed to be fair and equitable, someone in a boardroom somewhere, like Blofeld and his secret organization has a brainstorming session in which they dream up the next incredible thing to ask for, seemingly thinking, “They can’t possibly go for this one, too!” Once the language is hashed into gibberish due to gender fluidity equality and other words that someone with more imagination than memory deems to be insulting to someone other than straight white men, what will be next? They’re already working on eliminating any sense of history. Too many words in English compared to some stone age language from the Sentinel Islands? Newspeak?

        1. Windy, you’re absolutely right. The board rooms that you refer to I believe are faculty meetings held at the local indoctrination camps formerly known as colleges and universities. You’re spot on. It’s like these folks are playing a game of liar where instead of trying to top each other with getting folks to believe the biggest lie, they try to get more and more outrageous.

          A few decades ago folks demanded tolerance, then they moved on to demanding acceptance, then they demanded equality and now they demand supremacy.

          I’m glad that some of the women’s rights folks were successful with equal opportunity, voting, owning property and such but the Gloria Steinhem, Maureen Down and later folks are just going much too far into supremacy.

  3. So Lauren McIntyre has found “Mr. Right”, and he happens to live where she works! Does she bring him home to meet Mom and Dad and say ” This is Andrew, he is a murderer but I think he is wonderful, I hope you will like him as much as I do.”
    Has the world gone mad?

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