1. Good thing it is not a BSA (or Enfield or Triumph), erst that cat would be covered in oil.

  2. Under the dangling Dukie
    the village idiot sat
    amusing himself
    abusing himself
    and irritating the cat.

  3. Something seems ‘off’ about this photograph.
    Could it be the pillow on the couch?
    I think we can all agree… nothing good ever comes from a pillow on the couch.
    That sort of behavior always leads to orderly rows of frilly pillows on the bed.
    And ‘guest’ towels in the bathroom.
    And bowls of round soaps.
    Leading inevitably to ‘coffee-table books’.

    No, nothing good ever comes from a pillow on the couch.

    1. You got that right! All these so-called decorators who pile throw pillows three and four rows deep on the beds and couches piss me off to no end trying to be so cutesy.
      If you want to sit or go to bed after they work their “art”, it will take ten minutes to figure out how to deal with their frou-frou shit so you can actually sit comfortably or just get into the bed. After a few days of trying to stow the cushions neatly, you throw them all on the floor in disgust and go to bed, and then fall over the *%#$% things in the dark and break your nose trying to go pee at O-Dark Thirty .

  4. The new surround sound system was so loud that the cat didn’t even jump until the runaway Ducati went through the window.

  5. Gay or not, if he has to lift that up and down every time he wants to go for a ride, I ain’t arguing with him.

  6. Between the on street parking situation, and the junk filling up the garage, this was really the only solution.

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