Just Like The Bloody Romans

Those who remember Monty Python’s Life Of Brian  will be familiar with the line “What have the Romans ever done for us?”  followed by the recitation of roads, laws, plumbing, a supply of potable water, etc.

This via Insty:

So whenever some stupid Marxist [redundancy alert]  suggests that eliminating capitalism will help the Pore & Starvin, we should use one of their own arguments against them by saying:  “So really, what you want is for 80% of the world to live in poverty, again?”

But logic has never been a particular strength of the Left, especially when it contradicts dialectic.


  1. If you set the start farther back – say 1750 – the starting poverty rate was likely between 80% and 90%.

  2. Well, the stupid Marxists (just as you say) are the ones who look at something in real life and ask themselves, “I wonder how the theory says this should work?”

  3. I commented that the reduction from 42% to 10% from ’81 to ’15 coincided with GOP Presidencies of from ’81 – ’92, and again from ’01 – ’09. … it went right over the heads of many on that thread.

  4. “They would rather that the poor were poorer, provided that the rich were less rich.”

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