Monday Funnies

It’s Monday, and if you feel swamped already, you’re not alone.

So let’s rise above the tide, buoyed by a little laughter.

…but just try to follow their instructions, and you’re the bad guy.

And I think we can all empathize with this kid:

Our official entry for the “WTF?” category:

And it’s that time of year again:

(The “customer”  is a fucking moron.  Thirty-seven years ago, that coupon probably represented a 50% discount on the price of a bottle of Crisco oil.  Today?  Maybe 10%, if that.)

And here are a few single moms, to help us get through the week:

Now quit loafing around the kitchen, and get to work.


  1. Re the Lottery Cartoon: for all the tens of years from the beginning of time that I’ve “played” all sorts of versions of all sorts of lotteries, and let’s include every manner of casino “games” in this, your picture sums it all up, many times over.

    I tell myself I’ve used up all my luck because I drive the I-10 in Phoenix.

  2. Kim,

    Your final portrait of the person in the one-piece leaning against the kitchen counter next to a cup-n-saucer… she looks familiar.

    Did I see her in a documentary?
    I seem to remember her biting the heads off snakes…

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