Quote Of The Day

From Taki’s Magazine:

If there are two categories in which black people outperform nearly everyone else on the planet, those would be sporting events and crime.

Our modern era is no different from other ones, despite our pretensions at civilization.  You can get pilloried, accused and even arrested just for speaking the truth.

Galileo would understand exactly what I’m saying.


  1. Why don’t they remember their heritage of excellence? George W. Carver, Booker T. Washington? There are I’m sure, many hard working, church going Black people. There are many Blacks in the Armed Forces.

    Yes the nature of people doesn’t change. Yes Blacks do have the highest rate of criminals. Why do they listen to the race grifters? Why do some believe in thinking of themselves as victims? If you look there are many black success stories. There are Blacks who live with Fortitude.


  2. Black folks, like the urban poor of every era, commit the majority of crime. The same disparity used to apply to Italians and before that the Irish. What makes the position of the Blacks so tragic is that their poverty is a deliberate policy by the politicians who claim to want to help them. Don’t believe e me? Watch how the typical Fascist Left Democrat reacts to School Choice.

    As a society, we do not owe Blacks reparations for Slavery. Nobody alive was a Confederate era slave, or owned one. But we have been alive while the Fascist Left destroyed the public school system, and the way to make reparations for that is to push for school choice AND while we wait for it to become a reality, donate to scholarships for the Urban Poor.

    Also, hate to be a History Nerd at you, but Galileo was not ultimately in trouble for championing the Truth. He was in trouble for being an arrogant and abrasive jerk with NO tact. The ‘heresy’ talk was an excuse, and the then Pope tried to shield him (semi-successfullyat best).

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