News Roundup

Very pithy, like a pregnant woman out for a walk. — and yeah, it’s Labor Day, so just the one post today.

This will be a light-hearted news review, because I’m sick of gloom and Democratic-Socialists.  That said:

too busy giggling like a schoolgirl to make a comment, sorry.

okay, that’s funny right there.  May not be so funny if the outcome is similar, however.

wait:  Australian is now a race?  (To the bottom, maybe.)

I can see why some people just can’t wait for that “Back To School” time.

stupid tourists, or germ of truth?  I report, you decide.

ah, the dreaded “wanker’s rash”, scourge of so many teenage boys.

it took me about three minutes just to decipher the headline.  Parallel thought:  do they have transgender men in China?

not that I wouldn’t mind erasing some women I’ve been involved with in the past.

and gawd forbid we should make unhappy people more unhappy.

all that fragile Scandi furniture and ancient rotting flooring, you know.  And finally:

errrr it’s not exactly her abs that she’s showing off.  Pictorial evidence:


  1. “Transgender Man”

    So, it’s a woman. A woman gave birth to a baby. A very ugly woman, who is partnered with another woman. And if this wasn’t done via a sperm bank, the only real wonder of the entire thing is who the hell they got to be the daddy baby.

  2. Bianca Gascoigne shows off her ….. untied shoe.
    Who is she, what has she done to rate a story, and who cares?
    Besides, her clothes are too small for her.
    Why is it that men wear baggy clothes to work out, while most women look like their workout stuff was applied from a spray can, but if men stare, the wymyn complain about being objectified. Seems to me if it’s advertised, we have a right to stare.

  3. Her claim to fame (other than the obvious) is that she’s the daughter of former England football wizard Paul Gascoigne.

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