1. Tired of her soy boy “toy”, Esmeralda decided to do a little more than just “wash that man right out of her hair”! (Poor Henry, the soy boy “toy”, undergoing pc “water boarding”! LOL)

  2. For some reason “drown the fucker” came to mind. She seems to be well on the way to both aspects. Makes for a clean getaway too. Snerk!

  3. Bob realized too late that when Charlotte had told him that she wanted to “drown him in her pussy juice”, she wasn’t being metaphorical.

    1. When he asked her to get really wet he wasn’t ready for her response.
      “Is this wet enough, is it?”

  4. In this still surreptitiously taken from a proposed instructional video for the new-improved ‘Manly Men Tub-Scrubber’, avowed feminist artist known as ‘2 ball-buster’ (xir prefers the pronouns ‘zee/zah’) attempts using the device… until her pencil arms quivered then collapsed. zee was last seen running from the set while wiping tears of frustration from zah chin.

    In a follow-up posts on FemBook and InstaFem, zee derided “…the male-dominated cultural establishment for its continued debasement of the higher feminine form through its derogatory suggestive advertisements promoting the need for a ‘combined’ or ‘symbiotic’ relationship through the obviously outdated forced marriage between… ”
    [six more pages of this sentence deleted due to incoherent redundancy]

    1. […due to incoherent redundancy and the utter lack of [male-dominated] punctuation]

  5. Walter though he could domesticate the siren, unfortunately, sirens don’t domesticate very well…

  6. “What are you waiting for? Get up and be baptized. Have your sins washed away by calling on the name of the Lord.”

    Oh, God!

  7. Suddenly slipping on the ‘porcelain’ and rapping the back of your head as you go down are only two of a number of reasons most people screw in Hot Tubs, not Bathtubs.

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