1. After recently finding out what a cucked, smug, sanctimonious leftie Hanks is, I take pleasure in seeing his slow, but certain screen death at the end of SPR! And, one word comes to mind for me whenever I see or hear his name: “asshole”!

    1. Well, he is a grown man who wears makeup to work, and gets highly paid to play pretend. He wasn’t hired for the quality of his economic or historical analysis.

  2. Gotta say, though, that beach is the ugliest I’ve ever seen. Looks like the night before, it hosted a meeting of the British Vintage Sports Car Club.

    1. You’re right. Dogging one of them ho’s on that beach could land you in the emergency room with a broke knee or worse.

  3. What’s with all the air travel memes, Kim? You’re not thinking of doing something like flying commercial air, are you?

    1. Nah. I was just triggered (in a good way) by the news of BA’s retirement of the 747.

  4. Not that I want to be That Guy, after your little tale of the Poison Dwarf, but unless I’m missing another joke, it’s the Yellowstone caldera.

    1. If the Long Valley Caldera to the east of Yosemite blows, Yosemite is close enough that it won’t really matter.

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