Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

What happens when three armed assholes break into a house, intent on a little involuntary property distribution?

Well, if this is in Florida, all of them get shot by the homeowner:

A teen was facing charges for a would-be armed home invasion robbery in Florida in which his two accomplices were shot and killed and he was wounded, authorities said.
The person who shot them was the homeowner victim who had a gun and used it to defend himself when he encountered the intruders in his home in Wesley Chapel shortly before 1 a.m. Friday.

But wait!  There’s more:

Luis Casado, 21, and Khyle Durham, 21, were shot as they walked down a narrow hallway toward the homeowner. They had guns and covered their faces with black masks.
Jeremiah Trammel, 19, was shot after Casado and Durham went down, Nocco said. He said he ran out of the house as the homeowner went to get another gun to replace the one he had because it jammed.
Nocco said Trammel didn’t get far. A neighbor with a gun caught him and then held him until deputies arrived.

Never mind State Farm:  that’s what I call a good neighbor.  (Of course, had he shot the little prick dead himself, being in fear of his life and all, the ending would have been perfect.  But I’ll take what I can get.)

Homeowner 2.5;  Goblins 0

…which makes me feel a little bit better after reading this sad news.


  1. I wonder what gun he was using. If it was was stated in the story, I missed it. It’s probably safe to say it wasn’t a revolver. Also, isn’t a “narrow hallway” known as a fatal funnel? I guess these fools weren’t acquainted with that concept.

  2. As always in case like this, I want to see a picture of the look on the surviving goblin’s face when the concept of Felony Murder and how it applies to this case is explained to him.

    1. You mean, just prior to his being shot in the back of the head ,in the alley behind the police station?

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