1. I’m offended! Remove those flags immediately! (Slowly is also a viable option.)

    1. I had a friend who claimed that everything he learned he had learned from the Godfather movies. In this case it’s “Leave the girls. Take the flags.”

  2. Just my own opinion…

    #1, 2, & 3: Very nice and very sexy, especially #2, the brunet with the stars bikini bottom (my favorite of all of them).

    #4: Nice figure but I have never liked that style of bathing suit.

    #5: A very nice milf. I don’t know what it is about this one. Maybe it’s my attraction to redheads. Or maybe the freckles on her arms. Or maybe it’s because she reminds me of a lost love from many years ago, but I like her a lot.

    #6: Also very nice but her breasts are a bit too big. Some of you might consider that blasphemy, but really, they are way out of proportion to an otherwise lovely figure.

    #7: Same as #4.

    #8: Just no. I do not find the sexualization of military uniforms to be attractive. YMMV.

    #9: The fifty star flag. This one is showing a bit of wear as is the country itself.

    Some flag trivia: The fifty star flag is now officially 60 years old and is the longest serving US flag in history.

    Did you know there was a 49 star flag? (It was 7 rows of 7 stars with the rows staggered.) According to the law, whenever a new state is admitted to the union, regardless of the date of admission the flag does not officially change until the following 4th of July. Alaska was admitted in January 1959 and Hawaii not until the following August. So, from July 4th 1959 until July 4th 1960, the 49 star flag was the official flag of the US. However, most people, knowing that the 50 star flag would become the official flag in less than a year, ignored the soon to be obsolete 49 star flag, and purchased the 50 star version.

    1. ” I do not find the sexualization of military uniforms to be attractive.”

      Lighten up, Francis.

        1. My first thought was “She’s certainly out of uniform” but then I noted no rank, insignia or EGA are present.

          I’ll leave the host with a thanks and Oorah! for the freckles.

          1. OK you jarheads. I did have to look up what EGA meant, but I was Army. At least I wasn’t a squid.
            That young lady is wearing a male marine’s blouse. Maybe she’s doing the “walk of shame.”

  3. Thanks not only for today’s post, but for all of them. Happy Independence Day Kim …

    I celebrated yesterday with a long (for me) range session .. an all-pistol day. Ran about 400 rounds through the Buckmark, and a couple mags each through the Ruger SR9c and Canik TP9.
    And … to paraphrase a Kim-ism …
    I’m off to clean the guns !!!

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