Outstanding Comparison

I just watched Paul Harrell’s video comparison of the .357 Mag cartridge vs. the .44 Mag, and it’s the best yet.  Basically, he compares identical bullet weight and barrel length (to make it “fair”) in an empirical study, then compares “common” gun choices and bullet weights for a realistic evaluation.

But what impressed me was that he doesn’t bother with any of that ballistic gelatin nonsense.  Nope;  he builds a realistic effectiveness measurement target using pork ribs, pork chops, oranges (to simulate vitals tissue) and back ribs.  This is what I’d do if I wanted to get into what he does, on a full-time basis.

Watch the video for the full flavor.  It’s long — as they all are — because he’s serious about the topic.

As for his bona fides, he lists them all at the beginning of this video, and let’s just say that his skills, knowledge and expertise are more than adequate for the task.

He’s done many more such shows, so wave good-bye to your weekend if you dive into the Harrell Matrix.  That’s where I’ll be, if anyone asks.


  1. As the owner of both an S&W 29 (8 3/8 in barrel) and a S&W 28-2 (Highway Patrolman, 6in) this is right up my alley. Thanks!

  2. Heavier bullets and larger case volumes result in more power. Saved ya half an hour.

    However, all the Magnumnimity in the world won’t help if you flinch, so pick a gun that you can carry and shoot well and practice, practice, and practice.

    I like Paul’s videos, BTW.

  3. Binge watching Paul Harrell’s videos is time well spent. He’s an excellent presenter, you’ll never hear “um” or “like” etc. and his sense of humor is so dry you’ll get dust coming out of your computer.

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