Sinking Ships, Rats Leaving

Oh, dear:  it appears that the double-whammy of the Chinkvirus and the BaconLettuceMayo / Pantifa Lootfest Extravaganza Of 2020 is having an [unexpected!]  consequence:

New Yorkers Flee New York

Apartment purchases for co-ops and condos in Manhattan fell by 80 percent in May.  The high-end market took an even bigger hit – with sales of those valued between $5 million and $10 million down 90 percent.

That article is just in response to the Chinkvirus.  It’s going to get worse as the Pantifa Summer gets going.

Let’s hear it for the Big Apple:

That was in response to the lockdown.  Now add the Pantifa Factor:

Just wait till NYC government [sic]  discovers the lower tax receipts that follow, and the budget shortfall caused by this exodus.

Forgive me for not giving a rat’s ass.  Fuck ’em, and the same goes for their poxy Newspaper Of Record.


  1. The downside is that property prices in ruralville are going through the moon as the city slickers and their communist ways flee the hellholes they’ve created just to contaminate their new haunt.

    1. We have had them coming into our our neighborhood for about five years now, and they have brought their ruinous politics with them to Virginia, now a blue state. Some of them have airhead mush for brains college-age bitches who have put BLM signs in their front yards. Somehow, we need to get the critical theory aholes out of our colleges, or we’ll never get our country back. They’ve ruined at least two generations of our youth.

      1. Blend in with the invaders. Put an “All Black Lives Matter” sign in your yard. It isn’t the Badthink “All Lives Matter” and the addition of “All” might, MIGHT cause some independent thought, although I doubt it. As Robert Heinlein said once, “If you can’t change your mind, are you sure you have one?” Subtle subversion is the best, as we know from painful experience over the past seventy years.
        Good luck California is in the last throes of Leftist poisoning.

  2. It’s now about 14 months since I last set foot in NYFC, and I can’t say I missed it even before the latest rounds of reindeer games with Kung Flu and Let’s-Steal-Nikes-Because-Racism.

    Back in March my entire office (located in lower Manhattan) went to remote working, and hasn’t gone back yet, while I’d already been working remotely since the previous May. Watching this first experience with large-scale remote working led me to the following conclusions:

    1) Companies will now see office space in cities to be a liability instead of an asset, and “plans” to increase usage of office space (like the universally hated open-office concept, used at my last office) will become a thing of the past. If you can work anywhere there’s a high-speed internet connection, there’s no sense to paying huge prices for shitty offices to warehouse your employees. Combine that with the risks of property damage and employee injuries should the riots come to your door. Real estate prices in cities will plummet.

    2) Home offices will become much more common. We chose our home with office space in mind, because you can work at the kitchen table once in a while, but for full time, day-in-day-out employment you need an office. Some families will need two. Sure, it can do double-duty (mine also houses most of my books), but you need a space where you can close the door and shut out everything else so you can be productive.

    3) Some people can’t really work from their homes, either there’s no space, or the kids are home causing too many distractions, so rent-able office space will become more common out in the hinterlands. Imagine buying a defunct strip-mall (several of those where I live), partitioning it into 100-200 square foot offices with secure doors, furniture, high speed internet, and reliable cell service. Let people bring in their own computers and other hardware and set up shop. Rent by the day, week, month or longer-term. Rental wouldn’t be much different than the costs of commuting into the city, especially when you throw in the lower taxes, lower cost-of-living, etc, and the cost of the office space is likely deductible.

    I’m not too worried about the commies bringing their shit to the outlying areas, simply because of the numbers. Take NY (please) for example. NYC and its immediate areas (Long Island, Westchester) dominate NY state politics because of density. Spread those who are fleeing out among the deplorables and they’re out-numbered (especially since only those with actual jobs will leave, the welfare recipients who live in public housing will stay put until it all burns down).

  3. NYFC is not worried about the tax revenue shortage. When it comes down to bankruptcy time, they will do the normal leftist maneuver. They will howl and screech, blame and lie, Then they will demand that the US taxpayer bail them out. The US taxpayer will NOT want to do so. The idiots in Washington will mumble, prevaricate, misdirect and then authorize Billions of someone else’s money to save the incompetent Marxists from their own stupidity.
    This behavior pattern will be repeated all across the country as dimocrat run states / cities descend into bankruptcy.

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