1. …looks like pretty soon you’ll be able to book a cabin on an NRA Caribbean Cruise.

    1. The only one I’d book on would be those in pirate infested waters where you only pay $1.00 per .50 cal round to shoot at their boats.

  2. Kinda puts you in the same category as a “Never Trumper” doesn’t it. Not agreeing with everything and therefore not supporting is different than using your soapbox to rail against. There is no viable alternative with enough stature to get anything done.

    The perfect is the enemy of the good.

    1. That’s only because the NRA has blocked the growth of so many decent 2A orgs, pushing them to the sidelines. Unlike with Trump, there ARE better alternatives to the NRA: the SAF (which has actually won cases the NRA refused to take on) and GOA are both streets better than LaPierre’s little piggybank.

      1. SAF and GOA are both good – what’s the best source of details on the NRA scandal?

      2. A lot of the state NRA affiliated organizations aren’t much better. When I lived in NJ I belonged to NJ NRA chapter, when the magazine limit was lowered from 15 to 10 all the organization did was tell us how to get rid of our now-verbotten magazines.

        1. Our TSRA is pretty good, but that’s because in most cases when they lobby our politicians, they’re preaching to the choir.

    2. I agree, the NRA does a lot I don’t like but they have also done a lot of good. I don’t know what to make of the LaPierre scandal, I have heard arguments on both sides. The fight for 2A rights needs a unified front – I’m genuinely interested in hearing from Kim why he objects to them much.

  3. They have some good vintages, Kim. Try the Hoppes #9, or the Chateau le BreakFree if you can find a 2012-2013.

    In all honestly, I was gifted an NRA Life membership 20 years ago; I have no plans to give it up (yet; fuckers keep tickling me though) but find GOA and JPFO to be waaay more in line with my ideals.

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