1. Hooker Heels on a clutch peddle is a recipe for disaster.
    Red airbags in a gray car – charming.
    But that blue Studebaker truck, now that’s something to get all up on your back legs about.
    Blondie can come over and polish my ride 8 days a week.

    1. Just checking, but I assume the blond you’re referencing is the one leaning on the Stude truck. The one leaning on the Ferrari looks high maintenance.

  2. Kim,
    That pic of the curvy road associated with Audi … I can recall some many years ago when Hans Stuck figured out how to properly drive the first racing Quattro … and went on a tear. I can still recall his comment about not liking / not wanting a lot of padding on his car’s seat, so he could better “feel” the car’s behavior with his most sensitive rear-mounted monitoring device.

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