1. The 9mm needs a supressor, and the AR needs a bipod – especially with the C-mags!

    Other than that, sweet!

  2. If I had an AR-15 when I lived in Chicago, which of course, I did not because they are illegal, it WOULD have been in one of these Lowes toolboxes. With pick foam inserts. Upper and lower removed, lower in the bottom, upper in the top, magazines in the lift-out tray.


    I also like the guitar case idea, though. I may have to do that. Don’t have the delay of putting the two halves together and attaching the sling this way. Although I am pretty quick, and the sling has QD swivels.


  3. Europellet and a poodle shooter in the same thread? At least they are high volume producers.

    Shall I send you a pic of my Ruger 450 Bushmaster to butch it up a bit in here?

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