News Roundup

Short takes, hot cakes:

only 2 million?  I think we can do better.

okay, we’re all gonna die.

and then again, maybe not.  Make up your fucking minds.

actually, I agree with Biden.  Except that the social composition of my 15 percent will be vastly different from his.

and the mssiles will launch in 5… 4… 3...

which means it’s time for crowd control, Kim-style:

And now, a special Texas section (and aren’t we special?)

excuse me while I go and borrow Sarah Hoyt’s Shocked Face.

in the Texas idiom:  somebody needs killing (and it’s not the “racists and MAGA people”).


  1. I figure Biden would know. Most of that 10-15% are his family, friends, colleagues, business partners and political supporters.

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