1. Henrik was beginning to regret his choice of polka dot underwear for this week’s gathering at the cult’s summer retreat.

  2. Welcome to our first class on how to check someone else for testicular cancer…..

  3. A poll showed that most prisoners prefer enforced ball-fondling to anal rape.

  4. Meatpacking plants responsible for 10% of all beef production and 25% of all pork production have closed, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.
    But wait, there’s more…

  5. The Guinness Book of World Records declares the world’s second largest circle-jerk, only behind the United States’ House of Representatives.

  6. Keen United Nations human-rights observers (seen here in Black©) monitor the ‘practice’ of anti-social distancing… by those too poor to ‘financially assist’ under-paid over-worked Officials-n-Authorities in the style to which they are accustomed.

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