1. So ol’ Lewis has been on this planet for 27 years and this is the first time he’s seen the sun? Hmm.

  2. Lewis’s companion was his mum?

    Amazing she did not slather the little dint in zinc oxide. She has been monitoring him for 27 years and now she quits?

    I don’t think Britain could fend off an invasion any more

    Dark ages indeed

  3. And here I was expecting corona breakout smash wimmins… Now I am depressed.

  4. Been living out here in the frozen Southwest since the late ’50’s, and got my fair share of blistering burns. By far the worst though, were by a lakeside somewhere in Wisconsin.

    It doesn’t take long to learn that the best burn preventive is to stay out of the sun. A 50 SPF doesn’t work very well in a 300 SPF world. Besides, out here a few good burns become a tan. It’s called charring.

  5. We once hosted an Irish kid for a few weeks in the summer. She badly wanted to get a tan.

    I told her, “You aren’t just white, you’re clear. You’ll burn to a crisp. Use sunblock. You’ll still get some color, it just won’t be red”.

  6. Mad-Dogs and Englishmen, out in the Noon Day Sun!
    Even mad-dogs know enough to crawl under the porch occasionally.

  7. I play as much golf as possible. The “Farmer Tan” is a look I’m very accustomed to.

  8. Did the blister thing to the tips of my ears once. Do not recommend, especially if you are a side sleeper.

  9. I used to live in Athens, Greece, while in the Navy, and in the summer, there appeared to be more Brits than Greeks there.

    At any rate, we considered those kind of sunburns to be something of a British uniform, since virtually all Brits had them.

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