Chatting with New Wife about this and that on the way to the liquor store  gun store  supermarket;  and it appears that in South Africa, people running charity missions to deliver food parcels to the elderly and incapacitated were being robbed and their parcels taken by roving gangs of “teenagers”.

So the Government stepped in and had police officers take charge of the deliveries… wait, wait, don’t spoil the punchline…

whereupon the police officers stole the food parcels for themselves.

New Wife was tut-tutting about the lawlessness of the people supposedly tasked with maintaining law and order, whereupon I added:

“Over Here, we had senior officers in the FBI — supposedly, one of the most ethical police forces in the world, whose motto is Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity — cooking up evidence to spy on a political campaign, intending to overturn a president elected in a fair and lawful election.

“Compared to that, nicking a couple of food parcels is minor-league stuff.”

And it is.


  1. Since 1993, I’ve referred to ” the most ethical police forces in the world” as “Federal Baby Incinerators.”

    I’ve seen nothing in the interim to alter my opinion of them.

  2. “Federal Baby Incinerators.”

    Oooh, I haven’t heard that version before!
    Yeah, my opinion, and the timing of it, matches yours. Twins to the ATF, just better dressed.

  3. And, if what they did doesn’t rate a Firing Squad, we don’t take democracy in a Republic seriously.

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