Polls That Matter

According to this “relationship expert” [eyecross], Australian men prefer these features in a woman:

…which leads me to deduce the following:

Australian men are fucking liars.

That, or they’re so pussywhipped it hardly bears thinking about.  (Any man who values “playfulness” over “loyalty”, to consider just one example, is hardly worth being included in the male species.)  And history is replete with men who are unable to tell their partner’s eye color after even three dates.

Of course, this “study” could have been compromised by sample bias — if the respondents came primarily from Melbourne’s Fitzroy or St. Kilda districts, for instance, one could easily see why the poll should rather have been entitled “What Hipster  Men Value In Women”.

Also, anything written by a “relationship expert” should probably be roundly ignored, anyway.


  1. About 45 years ago I met a couple of girls at a church event. As an ex-sailor I’d been trained to make quick and informed judgements so I focused my attention on the pretty blonde with the nice smile and the nicest figure. The rest – her great sense of humor, her caring attitude, and the fact that she puts up with me – all came later. Over the years Marge has asked me why I picked her to “chat up” and I’ve always replied “You had the biggest boobs. It pays to advertise.” Next month we’ll celebrate our 44th anniversary. We’ve kept in touch with one of her friends who was present at that meeting in 1975 and she’s a major multi fatality train wreck. As for me I think that I chose wisely, and I hope that Marge thinks the same way.

  2. I had a friend that told me her husband had said to her the “Her eyes were the second thing he noticed about her”. She never said it explicitly, but I have to assume he first noticed the same thing I noticed about her when she was walking towards me.

    I wonder how many of those men were surveyed in the presence of their wife or girlfriend? That could certainly influence what you tell some self appointed busybody.

    Interviewing with a bunch of their mates in a sports bar after a couple of rounds would probably give a different set of results.

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