News Roundup

Not The Nine O’Clock News, and no Pamela Stephenson, either.

I guess I missed where Angela Merkel has reopened Dachau, Buchenwald, Ravensbrück and Bergen-Belsen.

we already knew you bastards work like that, you rancid old Commie bitch, but thanks for reminding us.

in the U.S., if Daddy’s 13-year-old daughter had started sleeping with a 34-year-old man, he’d have used the sickle on Loverboy.  But Islam.

excuse me while I go and borrow Sarah Hoyt’s Shocked Face.

or maybe it was because of Mayor Hairdo’s lockdown, but we’ll never know.

because they still believe Hanoi Jane’s “China Syndrome” movie was a documentaryAnd that unicorn farts are a valid propulsion fuel.

now that’s sticking it to The Man, yoThe latest in our “Guess The Race (of the ‘citizens’) ” featureAnd even better:

that’s right:  destroy one of the few ways supported by the local population to help “your people” get a better education and escape the poverty that makes you loot stores in your neighborhoods.

remember, all the clapping and adulation is for the frontline workers in the NHS.  The system itself, however, is the same fucked-up death-dealer it has always been.

Finally, a few related items:

meanwhile, Over Here: 

which is a few points less than the Brits.  And yet:


can we start warming up the tar and plucking the chickens, yet?


  1. Remember what the Korean shopkeepers did in the LA riots? Is anyone doing the same thing in M?

  2. Pelosi advisors, “Nancy, you really can’t have made a bigger fool of yourself than over that Impeachment business.”

    Nasty Pelosi, “Hold my Chardonnay!!”

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