Sardines? Not Quite

OMG the Brits are SO lawless, flocking en masse  to beaches at the first warm day in ages and overcrowding the place:

Well, I guess it depends on your camera placement, doesn’t it?  Here’s the same beach:

Not really that crowded, is it?

Anyway, I don’t care.  I don’t do beaches because it’s hot and you get sand in your thingy.  Give me a decent bit of lawn any day:

Actually, I hate being in the sun, period, and as for sunbathing… don’t get me started.

I try to learn from the mistakes of others.  Besides, you never know what you’ll see in the sun (note the attribution, bottom left):

Ugh, no.  I prefer to avoid sunburn (and unfortunate sightings) in the traditional manner:

Indoors, pint, fish & chips, friends (note:  that’s The Englishman’s hand, no doubt poised to steal a chip from me).

That is heaven, not sweltering in the sun on some manky beach with sand in bad places.


  1. Mother of God, that’s hideous. And it’s not just because it looks the way it does- it’s that it’s proud of how it looks.

  2. City folk, drawn to water like lemmings. Can’t blame them for wanting warm sunshine, but to me, that’s like ants at a picnic; I just want to find someplace else to be.

    Your last pic looks like a fine start on the day. Fish and chips for breakfast? Why not? If the world comes to an end before dinner, you’d be disappointed you passed on the chance.

  3. I’m guessing that anyone attempting to steal a chip from our host and humble narrator had better be holding a MUCH bigger knife.

  4. Last time we were up there we stayed here: Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec City. It was wintertime, however, with ice floes on the St. Lawrence River. The Ice Hotel was also open.

    Whoops! Commented on wrong post.

  5. I learned at an early age that there is no such thing as a “healthy tan”. The only way I get anything even close to a tan is to endure a severe sunburn first.

    Though I do confess to liking tan lines on the ladies. They give the impression you are seeing something you shouldn’t.

    1. Around here, tanning after several initial burns is called “charring.”

  6. Didn’t Merle Travis record a song, “Fat Gal”, with the last lines about in hard times, cook her down and sell the lard? The question Lena Dunham has to ask is whether her significant other knows about that.

  7. Is the Englishman bringing a knife to a gun fight?

    I lived in and or around Fort Myers Beach, Florida for 40 years and got to the point I just couldn’t stand the heat any more so we got out of the kitchen and moved here to the frozen waste lands 14 years ago. Now, at age 65, I’m getting tired of the cold and rain. Is there a place any where on the planet that is mostly rain free and about 60-70 degrees year round? And no people?

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