News Roundup

Short and gingery, like Borat’s wife.

had I been on the jury, there is NO WAY I would have found this hero guilty of anything.

as long as you agree to house these “asylum seekers” in your own houses for two years while their claims are being vettedSee next item:

looks like that open border thing is working out well for the Swedes At least he didn’t have the Chinkvirus.

but that’s only after they’ve checked his financial statements and employment recordsNot that most women are superficial, or gold-diggers, or anything.

can’t say I blame him, as parking spaces in Brit villages are about as easy to find as good teeth.

“Making fun of the rozzers” — good thing they’ve abolished the death penalty in Britain.

how is it even possible for French politics to become more left-wing?

that one made me snork.  Nice one, Sarah.


  1. Second most spoken language in France is now Arabic.
    This from a people who will turn their nose up if you mispronounce one of their words in French. Keep going guys, it won’t be long now.

    1. So, bring an English-Arabic phrase book as well, and if they pretend to not understand you from your American-accented French. You can give them a vision of the future and a chance to reconsider your presence.

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