1. When a man (man?) is willing to throw away his heritage and culture with a family that goes back centuries, tradition and responsibility for his family name because he married an obnoxious woman with a fractious family background and move to one of the most shallow, failing metro areas of the world I am think he must have been using some really bad acid and took a trip that fried the better part of his brain.

    Are bookies taking bets on how many years this strange relationship will last?

    1. I want odds on whether she’s already fucking someone who doesn’t put up with her shit.

  2. Delta Bravo.

    Looks like one British Bulldog is being turned into a purse dog.

    When I got married (2nd trip) my fiance’ let me know I would be getting rid of my guns. To which my response was, “I’ll drop you before I drop them!” Once she became familiar with them she is quite OK with it and enjoys going out to shoot. Even wants me to get her a carry gun.

    Now that they are no longer part of the Royal Family, when the inevitable divorce or sex-change happens. HRH will not need to be paying them a stipend. There will of course be the inevitable Bravo network reality show.

  3. First wife knew I like to hunt, kill stuff and eat and she was kinda OK with it but she did not like me going off with the guys and having fun while she stayed home. Couple of decades of that and I did not do too much hunting.

    Second wife, I brought home a bunch of doves and she said put them in the sink and I will clean them, it’s good to get a good woman but I told her I was fussy about my bird cleaning and I will do it and she encouraged me to go kill stuff bring home and that was 27 years ago.

    She has also told me that going out to shoot, competition skeet and now Steel Challenge is a lot cheaper than therapy and it keeps my brains properly aligned and centered.

    1. My father shot black powder. Mom always said that this was good…because she knew where he had gone Sunday morning if he dragged in a bunch of filthy guns.

  4. “going out to shoot, competition skeet and now Steel Challenge is a lot cheaper than therapy”

    Ain’t that the truth.

  5. What is Meghan doing in bed with Harry? I mean yeah, I can see why someone would find Meghan attractive, but she must be doing something to him in bed that causes him to abandon pretty much everything he was in order to keep her happy. I can’t imagine that given who his grandmother is that the advice he heard growing up about being a husband was “do anything you must to keep her happy”.

    I mean sure, what husband hasn’t given up some bad habit because “happy wife, happy life”? This is way more than that though. Either Meghan’s nagging has some “icepick to the head” quality, or she’s doing something in bed that has him perpetually in that post-coital mental state I heard a comedian once describe as “‘tard happy”.

    When the wheels come off this marital train wreck, buy stock in newsprint and ink because the tabloids are going to go crazy.

  6. He was royalty but he gave that up for what? He had a $60,000 rifle collection. Only $60k and he was part of one of the richest families in the world?

    He is a lightweight in gun ownership compared to a lot of Americans. But then again he married a second rate actress who’s career was circling the bowl. Makes me wonder if he was a virgin before he met her.

    1. Remember that a couple of Harry’s girlfriends — either titled or wealthy — gave him the boot long before he ever met the current one. Either they didn’t want to put up with the Royal business, or else they looked, and found him wanting.

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