Good Things To Come Out Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

In no specific order:

  • Rage Against The Machine 2020 tour canceled
  • the “NSFW” warning has become irrelevant as everyone’s at home anyway
  • “social distancing” means I don’t need an excuse to steer clear of assholes I don’t like
  • Taylor Swift kept out of the recording studio
  • the ChiComs have finally been exposed for the totalitarian pricks they really are
  • ditto most Democrat state governors and mayors
  • the “globalism is good” mantra has been discredited
  • maybe, just maybe, we’ll get our prescription drugs manufactured in the U.S. once more
  • …and lots of other stuff, too
  • gun stores classified as “essential services” (as well they should be);  and pursuant to that:
  • liberals discover the virtues of self-protection, are forced into buying guns, and discover that you can’t just order them off the Internet and that there’s a lengthy legal waiting period (that they voted for) before actual ownership can take place.  And following on from that:
  • California law (that they voted for) stops ammo manufacturers from sending them ammo from online orders, so they face empty shelves at gun stores
  • people who have provided for themselves in the event of calamity or disaster are no longer sneeringly called “doomsayers” or “apocalyptics” by the media, as liberals discover the benefits of “hoarding”

And finally:

  • daily Instagram pictures of Christine McGuinness in a bikini as she self-isolates.  Also the occasional video (sample).


Feel free to add to the above list, once you get out of the cold shower.


  1. What was it you said some time ago?
    Oh yeah, the BATF should be a convenience store, not a government department.

  2. I did not vote for the not by mail order law in California. I refused to sign the petition at the Farmer’s market and at the post office. Thinking about it since, I probably should have done as Mayor Daily recommended for voting.

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