1. I couldn’t tell from pkudude’s link, but does that have a hole in the floor so you can pedal the car, Flintstones-style?

  1. Since 1964, the year I first seen an Avanti, I’ve thought it the best looking car I have ever seen. Still do. For it’s time I thought it was futuristic looking. As far as I can recall I have never seen an Avanti up close in person.

  2. Years ago in the 1980’s I had a neighbor who had a handful of collector cars including an Avanti in pretty good condition. The car was good looking on the outside and I think at the time it came out it was one of there fastest U.S. production cars but the interior was kind of half-assed and cheap looking compared to other performance cars of the early sixties.

  3. In my opinion the Avanti was one of the better looking cars to come out of the 60s – and this is from a guy who thinks that 65 Corvair coupes were good looking too. Unfortunately it was the last effort of a dying company and I’ve been told by Studebaker experts that the car’s quality control was incredibly bad. The later Avanti IIs with their upgraded interiors and Chevy running gear seemed to be pretty nice rides and I believe that they stayed in limited production for many years.

  4. I snorted when I saw your comment over at Mr. Swanson’s place. Well played.

  5. Got a widow friend who has one(Avanti R-2) that I talked her into restoring.
    I got to drive it many years ago when her husband was alive. Forget about what it looks likes – everybody’s taste in cars is different – although I confess to liking it for what it is.
    When you fire it up and that Paxton supercharger starts spinning, oh, my.

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