Monday Funnies

Coronavirus captivity self-isolation, Day 956, and all the government edicts are starting to have an effect:

While some people are being “allowed” to go back to work:

…not everyone can do so:

Others are starting to feel the strain:

Still others are tackling weighty isolation issues:

…some people are just getting more and more depressed.

A few people are unaffected by the pandemic:

And some have even benefited from the thing:

But some themes are just eternal:

So to help you forget all this morbid stuff, some things that don’t suck.  Here’s a one-time skyscraper hotel building, redesigned into social-distance accommodation:

Social distancing, country style:

And maybe there’s some light at the end of the tunnel:

Until that time, here’s a little trip down Mammary Lane.  First, Bernadette Peters:

…Jamie Lee Curtis:

…Susan Sarandon:

…and finally, Dolly:

…who wins, by several cup sizes.


  1. The one about the Vaccine code being “the sign of the demon” reminds me. I heard from a mutual friend that a woman we know believes the Wuhan Flu and the Corona virus are caused by 5G.

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