Quarantine Project

Last week I posted how a friend decided, whilst being confined to quarters, to clean his shotguns.  Clearly, he’s not the only one getting twitchy.

From another locked-down Reader comes this project:

Nothing else to do, so I attacked my Thompson Center R55 .22 rifle.  The stock always felt clumsy and clunky to me, so I smoothed out the sharp edges, rounded the corners & cut away near the trigger.  Then finished it with automotive clearcoat.
And I think we can all agree that this was time well spent:
What a beauty.  And I’ve written before how good a rifle the R55 is.
If anyone else out there has been bored out of their tree and taken to fiddling with their guns in this time of cholera Chinkvirus, feel free to share the details, with pics.


  1. Opened my gun safe last week. It was the first time I have ever seen all my guns trying to cower in the same corner. “Go away. You just cleaned us (again) two days ago”. Yeah, I’m jonesin’ for some range time.

    So here’s one of the guns that got cleaned. It is my first build after moving to Texas. The link is to another forum and a discussion workbenches, but it is the handiest photo for me to post right now.


    Yeah, when the dust cover opens it reads “PLAN B”.

  2. This, this alone is why Brits should have guns. What a beautiful weapon – not something I say that often 🙂

  3. I pulled all of the babies out, cleaned, and oiled them.

    Then I did an ammo inventory.

    Today is “sharpen and oil the edged weapons” day.

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