No News, Good News

Went for my semi-annual checkup this morning, really just for a  blood draw because cholesterol.

Same ol’, same ol’ — heart fine, lungs fine, BP okay, results from earlier colonoscopy excellent… “Now get out and quit wasting my time, see you in six months” from Doctor Sawbones.

Oh, and despite my fears, I haven’t gained any weight.

I was the only patient in his office.   He’s struggling, big time.  Nobody wants to come in to see him — everything is over the phone.

Out of his entire patient list, he’s had ONE (1) positive Coronavirus test — ironically, his nurse’s mother who last February went to Las Vegas  (motto:  we’re #2 behind New Orleans for the Pox Capital of the U.S.A.).  She coughed a bit for about a week, then recovered.  No hospitalization necessary, despite age (72).  East Texas farm gal, what can I say?

It’s time to get back to work, folks.

Update:  forgot to mention that at QuikTrip and Raceway, we’re paying $1.20 for Regular, even less at Kroger with the 3c/gal discount.  Now all I need is someplace to go.


  1. if you do get it. it is a bad thing

    I think it is looking like strains of the virus are possible. the killer attacks the hemoglobin and takes away the ability to carry oxegen. it bind to the iron and that stops oxygen

    The malarial with zinc seems to defeat it but it still the immune system to carry the day

    This will be with for some time so solid knowledge is what we need now

    Go to the range and piss off the liberals

    Spelling might be dicey as i am typing this on an iphone

  2. East Texas farm girl……
    Childhood in such an environment gives you an immune system on steroids.
    Grew up myself on a milking/bottling dairy and mucking around in cow-shit every day makes you almost indestructible when it comes to the usual diseases – though I do get a case of flu every winter that seems to last to May Day – but I laugh at pollen.

  3. Up here in CT it seems to be the other way round – the docs’ offices are the ones insisting on everything by phone.

    And our idjit governor has us on house arrest until May 20, until he decides to extend it again.

    New York suburbia is hard hit, but my county has only seen 7 deaths so far. And we have two casinos which live off folks from NYC and Asia. I know of ONE coworker who had it (maybe, don’t think he was actually tested as this was back when we didnt have enough) and he’s fine now. One out of 8000. You’d think we should have been one of the hot spots, no?

    So now everyone in the state will have to wear cloth masks in all stores and whenever we get within 6 feet of anyone else starting in a day or two. I had to wear one today at my asthma doc’s office. Didn’t get the panic attack from suffocating like last time, but my nose still feels like someone punched me. Not to mention a rather painful rosacea flare up. All in the name of security theater.

    I’m debating trying to jury-rig a plague doctor bird beak. Or else wear the stupid fabric below my nose like all “our rulers” in DC do.

    1. Perfectly fine to debate the extent of lockdowns, social distancing, etc., but, have you considered the possibility that the reason you haven’t seen many cases in your area is *because* of those measures?

      1. Doubt it. From memory, LG’s locale in CT is roughly similar to mine here in Ober-Dallas: suburban, little/no use of public transport, not much dense housing, more automotive traffic than foot traffic. That lack of constant proximity to others probably has more to do with it than most gummint regs.

        1. Kim is right. Southeastern Connecticut doesn’t have much in the way of public transport. Downtown, when there is one, is a few square blocks at most, and there have been bear and even mountain lion sightings within a mile of my house in Groton in recent years. There is no sidewalk on my residential road, and it’s an old road with a lot of Victorian houses on it. Even once I get to the main road I can’t walk anywhere on a sidewalk without having to cross said road (US1) multiple times; there seems to be a law against having sidewalks on both sides of a street in this area. So yes, it’s not just easier, but a lot safer to drive every place.

          The face masks are only mandated starting tomorrow, and the county death count as of last night was still 7. We have some towns outside the New York/New Haven/Hartford corridor with no official positive tests. Though that may be at least partly due to poor quality and numbers of tests.

          Given those conditions, I’m not sure how masks are going to affect the numbers much. If it were by county or town, based on local conditions, I’d be a lot more supportive of it.

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