Proper Wording

Tim Worstall makes an excellent point here:

Don’t ‘celebrate’ gay people, just accept us, says teacher at centre of schools row

Accept is reasonable, but I think tolerate is closer to the correct meaning. To accept Simon Cowell would be asking too much, toleration is about as liberal as I can get.
And yes, Mr. Cowell is a reasonable comparison for sexuality. Other peoples’ tastes are none of my damn business assuming that they’re not being offered directly to me to partake of, subject to the usual consenting adults only caveat.

Quite right.  I have no problem with, for example, Homosexual Pride parades;  I tolerate  them (as long as I don’t have to actually see them or be caught in the middle of one).  Do I accept  them?


It’s a small but important distinction, and well done Tim for pointing that out.  And never mind “accept”;  you can forget that “celebration” bullshit, too:  that’s never going to happen.


  1. The day is fast approaching where there will be open season on all these diseased misfits.

    1. Not at all with you here.

      I don’t kill diseased misfits, I pity them, restrain their evil deeds but still try to help them.

      Go easy big guy, lest you get the same treatment for your own sins.

  2. I accept the fact that I have to tolerate many things I don’t particularly care for.

  3. I agree with you and Tim, Kim. I’ve always been of the mind that whatever two or more consenting adults do, behind closed doors is none of anyone’s business as long as no one is physically, mentally or emotionally damaged. Mind you it’s CONSENTING ADULTS, and BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, and NO ONE GETS HURT.

    I’ll tolerate any one’s sexuality, “lifestyle”, kink, whatever. Just don’t go and shove it in my face, thank you

    And don’t go suing anyone who doesn’t want to help you celebrate by baking a cake or arranging flowers or whatever because of their religious beliefs. Toleration is a two-way street.

    1. Really? You hate someone because of an apparent asshole attitude? Mirrors, man, be careful of mirrors.

      Maybe it’s too much fine red wine under my skin giving me a kindly glow, but I’d rather not hate anyone, merely be annoyed at them and insist on restraining their more obnoxious behaviour.

      Hate always leads to unreason.

  4. Thank you Tim for pointing out that English is spoken (and even more rarely taught) in very few “English-speaking” countries.

    1. There are no “English Speaking Countries” and certainly not England, which speaks an odd dialect of American with a vaguely Canadian accent.

  5. Whenever a X-rights Activist starts using the word “acceptance” what they really mean is they want your agreement.

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