Not Grasshoppers

From Shooting Times:

Between private conversations with firearm, ammunition and optic manufacturers over the past two weeks, along with public information disseminated by major gunmakers, I am fairly certain a major disruption in the supply chain for those products and likely many more is coming, and coming soon.

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And this, my children (he explained for the thousandth time), is why we gun owners need to have not only a plentiful supply of ammo, but also of guns.

Ant and Grasshopper story (executive summary):  buy and lay in stocks during Times Of Plenty, so that when the Lean Times come busting in through the front door, you don’t have to beg for anything from anyone.

This is as true (or more so) for guns as it is for any other household product.


  1. I have a nice stock of ammo here, and the good/bad news is that I can’t go anywhere to use any of it.

    (The bad part is not being able to go practice)

  2. What we view as shopping and storing, others view as hoarding and stockpiling.

  3. Friend of mine works at a Bass Pro Shop. He’s also a commercial re-loader. He called me today to tell me that he went looking for some reloading brass and projectiles. Berry Bullets is not taking any new orders for projectiles (Winchester just got the fed contract for .gov agencies’ training ammo and bought Berry production for the next 3-4 months) and .223 brass was at stupid price levels. Also his store is selling ~700 guns/week. Can’t keep anything in stock. Several of the larger distributors have closed their doors and Bass Pro is now buying from manufacturers.

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