News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to summarize.

which worked SO well in the Middle Ages against bubonic plague, didn’t it?  And btw, the world was doing just fine until the godless Chinese started spreading yet another pandemic around the place.

into what?

meanwhile, in the real world where people have to eat

…just as long as said undocumented workers can produce a 2019 or 2020 tax return.  (FIFY)

you had me at “Mitt Joins With A Democrat”.

Coronavirus Bulldozes the 2020 Race Out of the Media Spotlight

…cloud, silver lining, etc. etc.

…oh, and Harry:  you know that $25 million yer Dad is going to send your way each year?  You get to pay U.S. taxes on it, when you eventually do have to get your green card in order to stay here full-time.  Welcome to America.

…told ya.

…and only a few dozen million of them were put together or handled by people infected with the virus.  Prove me wrong.

And finally:  

…and I didn’t see a single one.


  1. Worst movies of 2019 – Wow, what a mess of tripe in that list. I tried to watch Murder Mystery with my wife and bailed on in after 15 minutes. As for the rest of the dung heap, no, never saw any of them. I think it costs a lot of money to make just about any movie and then you throw in a known actor and that costs a lot so the question I have had for some time is who watches this stuff?

  2. The thing about ‘Worst Movies’ lists is that they almost always concentrate on fairly big budget films. Ok, DOOLITTLE stank. It was fairly clearly shot, the colors were bright, and none of the actors I saw in any of the clips struck me as cases of “why can this person still get work?”. Each year, the ‘worst’ listing focus on the big name flops that the reviewer loathed, and doesn’t touch the direct-to-streaming drivel that was incoherently shot, badly lighted, and acted by people with the emotional chops of pottery.

  3. “Fears grow that Africa could collapse…” back to a state of such obvious chaos that A) Transnational Aid Workers would lose their jobs for ostentatious incompetence. B) A return to old fashioned Victorian paternalistic colonialism might begin to look like the only morally defensible option.

    1. B) is what the Chinese are trying to do right now… because Communists ignore history and human nature. It’ll end just the same as the Victorian stuff did.

  4. yeah. We will be at war somewhere with china directly or through a proxy by fall. Worst case puts it in Africa. I am to old but one daughter is in the air guard and the boy is 18 now, so worried about them more than anything else.

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