When the downfall of Western Civilization is chronicled in centuries to come, and historians say of us as we say now of the Roman Empire:  “How did such a thing happen?”, I would suggest that they first examine things like this, and the society which gave birth to them:

Belching Beaver Brewery’s ‘Viva La Beaver’ Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout

It is difficult, even for me, to enunciate just how much Wrong is inside one simple line of text.

Time for some restorative measures to take the taste out of my mouth… and it’s not even 7am CDT.


  1. Truly. My own tastes run more to a good double bock or Scottish ale, but I would happily take that Fuller’s if offered. A “Mexican chocolate peanut butter stout” – that’s not right. It’s not even wrong!

  2. A chocolate stout is not bad, it contains no chocolate, and the roasting of the barley merely imparts a hint of chocolate – – no sweetness . But peanut butter, too? That inclusion in the description implies that the chocolate element is not imparted by the roasting, but by the beverage of Montezuma himself. What is that? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup beer? My stomach is having convulsions at the mere thought!

  3. Theakston’s Old Peculier, that’s brew to be reckoned with, especially when taken from the wooden cask in the White Hart pub in the Derby Dales.

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