Quote Of The Day

From Ace:

Imagine a company with an old Pentium III computer with 16MB RAM out in the warehouse running Windows XP because it has some application that can’t be upgraded. Internet Explorer has 19 browser tabs open, 17 of which are locked up, 8 search bars are installed, and there’s music coming from somewhere. Response time is nearly at a standstill and adware pop-ups are randomly spitting our WTF crap.

And that’s Joe Biden. The man the Dems want to be president.

Excellent description.  All he needs is occasional power brownouts, and it’s perfect.


  1. In spite of all of this, not to mention the scores of others who see Biden as the buffoon he is, this man COULD still win the election! The sense of hatred for Trump appears to know no limits. My guess though, as I peer through the Covid-19 fog that we are in, is that Biden is switched out for someone like Cuomo at the convention in the name of “saving the country”. Then the fun and games really starts!

  2. I would only add this: imagine this exact same situation, a world-wide epidemic infecting and killing increasing numbers of world citizens, and Joe Biden as President. Scary, scary, scary!

  3. I hope y’all realize that if you keep discussing Slow Joe in this manner, there’s a risk that by November the DNC will wake up and replace him with a better grade of zombie.

  4. They forgot to mention that 13% of the hard drive is taken up by porn in dreadful bad taste, some of it illegal in ten States.

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