Quote Of The Day

From this guy:

“[Preppers] are not the ones who are causing shortages of anything. It’s the mental midgets and digital deadbeats who have been face-down in social media slop – buried in political bullshit and being led around by their clickmasters – instead of learning to look at life realistically, assessing options for an uncertain future and then pre-planning accordingly, that are to blame.”

Without sounding like a closeted Lefty:  I don’t know a single person who has been panic-buying and rushing from store to store like a maniac, looking for toilet paper.

Let me rephrase that.  Everyone I know has had pretty much all they need to survive a couple-three weeks of enforced isolation without having to buy anything more than a few products, none in “bulk”.

Long, long ago I made the following statement:

“I don’t just want gun rights.  I want everything that goes along with it:  individual liberty, a culture of self-reliance, self-restraint and civic responsibility… I want the whole bloody thing.”

Nowadays, the “self-reliance” part of that statement is more relevant than ever, and if I’ve done even a little to foster that, then it’s job done.


  1. I’ll admit to opportunistically buying a couple of extra packs of toilet paper after the craze started, but water, food, paper products, power, fuel, batteries, beverages, etc…. all in good supply all the time. Our only shortage will be perishables like vegetables, fresh eggs and cream (got aseptic and condensed milk, and powdered eggs), but the fresh stuff is better and I like to keep my wife happy, so we risked the stores this past weekend, with serious precautions taken.

    Just consider doing your shopping by Tuesday night because on Wednesday I’m told the EBT cards will start being refilled… always a bad day to be at the store.

    1. When my brother worked at a grocery store that served a poor section of town, they called the first of the month, “Momma Day”. It was particularly bad when Momma Day corresponded with a Saturday.

    2. We went to the base commissary this morning (Tuesday, 31st) since they were closed on Monday for restocking, and Wednesday is military payday.

      Most of the store looked like normal except for the toilet paper aisle. We snagged one pack so we should now have almost three weeks worth at home.

      I fail to see why folks think that 300 rolls of toilet paper are more important for a long stretch stuck in the house than, oh, I don’t know, FOOD?

  2. My family would literally make jokes about the wife and I having the Strategic Paper Reserve in the garage.

    We haven’t bought or sought to buy a single roll of TP since February (although I just got notice from Amazon that my Subscribe and Save of TP wont’ ship on time. In other news, there’s gambling at Rick’s.) By the time we need to buy back into the SPR, I expect that the supply lines will have stabilized and the Stupid Fucking Amateurs (SFA) will be working on drawing down the year supplies they all brawled for in March.

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