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finally, some good Chinkvirus news.

I’ve always liked Kirstie, and this just confirms it.  (no link because Piers Morgan)

and he was released…why, again?  Remind me why capital punishment is a bad thing, or why the parole board who signed off on his release should not be imprisoned.

#BelieveAllWomen is how this goes, right?

Worldwide shortage of condoms predicted.

serves us right for outsourcing all our condom production to Assholia.

ya thank?  Nawlins as always been in the top 5 of pox paradises, and now is no exception.

if the little prick had done that to me, 65, lead poisoning and not coronavirus would have been his cause of deathDitto this asshole, who should have been “shot while attempting to escape”.

“None” would have got my vote, but that’s just me.


  1. New Yorkers are pissed because neighboring states won’t let them in. Louisiana is pissed at Texas for the same reason. All across the country, states that have a difficult time dealing with their neighbors are putting up the barricades and police tape and wasting valuable LEOs to accomplish the impossible.

    PEOPLE: it’s too dang late to stop the germs now! What good does it do to close your highways when you leave your airports open? When you have week-long parties even after you were warned that it might not be a good idea. Assholes are having Coronavirus parties. Folks here in my state are pissed because authorities are closing parks and recreation areas, so they get out on the mountain trails because the weather’s nice, then they complain because the trails aren’t wide enough to keep their social distances.

    All of you who think that somehow you’re better than the rest of us, who believe that no damn germ is going to bring you down, that rules meant to try to protect most of us don’t apply to you, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! Politicians who think that they suddenly have license to throw the Constitution in the trash, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

    Get your heads out of your collective asses. Covid-19 doesn’t care if you gather in a church, a sports arena, or a party house. Maybe you won’t get sick, but what about the people you carry the virus to? What will you tell the family that loses a loved one because you were stupid? What if you bring it home to your family?

    I do not stand with anyone who calls for closing churches. That is an extremely stupid idea that could serve to launce another epidemic far worse than what we’re dealing with now. Nor will I ever side with anyone who calls for any restrictions on guns, ammunition, gun sales, manufacturing, registration, licensing or carry. Try that, and you will quickly discover what that far worse epidemic is.

    People may not think the current administration is doing the right thing in this, or is pursuing the right course of action, but this is the only game in town. I’ll close with this: where do you think we’d be if Hillary were president? Or Biden? Or Sanders?

    Or Cuomo?

  2. Bright spot in the paroled double-murderer murders again story:

    “Lewis drowned when fleeing from authorities, Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen said in a statement.”

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