5 Worst Things About The Coronavirus

Ranked in order of foulness:

  • Australian F1 Grand Prix canceled
  • Makes barroom seduction even more difficult than it already is
  • Hasn’t killed off enough Communists yet
  • Just another opportunity for the media to create panic
  • Chances of ever nailing Monica Bellucci officially now less than zero

Your suggestions for inclusions in Comments.


  1. It has killed off an assload of iranian mullahs.
    It has brought Trump hating and blaming to a whole new level.
    It has forced ammunition makers to work overtime.
    My 401k is way down, but the value of my N95 masks is WAY up.
    It has (again) exposed the dimocrats as the hypocritical fools that they are.

  2. It has created even more google-educated instant experts to lecture me on how I must behave.

    It has created many toilet paper millionaires.

  3. The market roller-coaster was a ho-hum as I went CASH a couple years ago.
    But the value of my G&A stockpile is getting better and better.

  4. You’re a married man now, Kim. #5 was a given with or without the Kung Flu.

    I don’t care about baseball or basketball but they cancelled the PGA Tour stops including the Masters!
    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck, McFuck!!!!

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