Right Up To, And Then

I saw this meme somewhere, and realized that while true, it’s also incomplete.  See if you can figure out why:

Yeah… all of them were Marxists, in one way or another, and from that one would think, “Yeah, they’re on our side.”

And they are… right up until they come to power.  Then:

The numbers (and a couple of dates) are not quite correct in the above, but the outcomes are.  Once the Commies come to power, it’s civilian disarmament (through regulation or legislation, or both) followed shortly thereafter by massive oppression.

But you all knew that already.


  1. With all the arguments about the trivial theological differences between various brands of socialists in order to distance the Bernie Bros from their brethren for the duration of the election, I have taken to referring them to as DINS: Democratic/International/National Socialists.

    All same same to me.

  2. It isn’t overly difficult to figure out why. Once the useful idiots install them into positions of power, they know the only way to keep themselves in power once their excesses begin to emerge (and political greed is indistinguishable from financial greed like that), is to defang the people.

  3. I can think of 535 (at least) different websites this link should be sent to.
    Not that it would do any good but it couldn’t hurt.

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