Oil, Water, Some Disassembly Needed

Obviously, that diversity thing is working out very well for the Danes.  As it is for all the countries who are importing Third Worlders into their country, hoping (against all the evidence) that the Magic Dirt Theory will work this  time.  And when some of the locals in ScandiLand do wake up and smell the coffee, their governments’ response is all too predictable.


  1. It doesn’t take much to realizie that the reason those people are starving in a shithole country is because the people are reason it’s a shithole! Can’t say that in public. That’d be RAAAAAAACIS don’t you know. So let’s just keep importing huge numbers of muslim retards and rapists and telling our girls that getting assaulted by a vibrant, diverse youth is what Western Civilization is all about.

    “But Dave, that attitude is un-Christian!” I’d like to point out that the Good Samaritan didn’t take the guy he helped back to his house. He didn’t bring a stranger into his home. He didn’t put his family at risk. He paid for the guy to stay at an inn. Mercy and Charity are Christian virtues. Tolerance is not.

  2. So Somalis are less inclined to be criminals than Moroccans.
    In the Netherlands 75% of all Moroccan (men) have a criminal record, 90%+ of those over 25…

    1. So you’re saying Arabs are more larcenous than sub-Saharans?

      I’d hate to place a bet on that comparison, either way…

  3. Native Swedes to be a minority in their own country in just a few more years if present trends continue – Native Speakers are already a minority in the schools.

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