Meanwhile In Texas

I confess to being a tad parochial when I see headlines like this:

‘Oil price war,’ coronavirus could drive gas prices below $2 gallon

I’ve been paying around $1.85 for over a month — and below $2 since early January.  As much as I hope the lower prices won’t blow the fracking industry up, I’m enjoying the benefits of a lower cost of business — so gawd knows how the trucking industry must feel about it.

I note, however, that the godless airline industry — ever quick to raise prices when the gas price spikes — have not yet reduced their fares.  Pricks.


  1. Most Southwest fares between LAS and PHX were $49 when I looked yesterday, and a few went as low as $45. I think it’s been a little while since they’ve had $49 fares from anywhere to anywhere, and even longer since they’ve had them under $49. It’s almost cheaper than driving, and I had a weekend event come up from which I’ll need a quick turnaround before heading out again a couple days later, so I grabbed it.

  2. Meanwhile in lil ol green and clean NZ we are paying US$5.23 per gallon for 91 octane fuel. Grrrrrr

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