Helpless Laughter

So some conservative rich guy buys into a Lefty media organ, whereupon the Commies lose their shit.

Major Republican donor Paul Singer has just purchased a big stake in Twitter and is reportedly pondering changes, among them getting rid of the present CEO, Jack Dorsey, according to a report in The Guardian.


God, I hope so.

Sucks when it happens to your side, dunnit?  You totalitarian motherfuckers.


  1. I have been saying FOR DECADES that the solution to Media Bias is to buy some goddamned Media. OF COURSE the Media is biased! How could it be anything else. The entire concept of an UN-biased Media is a ridiculous phantasm. It was sold to us by the Progressive Left as a distraction, to keep us from doing the obvious; buy or build our own media and get our own bias out there.

  2. Don’t worry Joshie, some judge will rule it illegal and make him sell his shares….

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