1. And……. on the left…… we present the president and sole member of the Bernie Sanders fan club.

  2. Known far-n-wide as the Bowtie Brigade, those fun-loving fellows jauntily pose next to their team mascot (known only as ‘Stoner’).

  3. Formerly outstanding in their field, team captain ‘Stoner’ leads the Bowtie Brigade synchronized swim team in a stunning series of inadvertent errors… culminating in their expulsion from the league… and the inevitable tragic ‘life-style’ choices of the survivors.

  4. Seen here in ‘top form’, the Bowtie Brigade pose for the cameras.
    Stepping in at the last second to ‘spoil the moment’, towel-handler ‘Stoner’ certainly ruined the shot, now, didn’t she!

  5. Although frequently ridiculed for her lack of definable bosoms, team groupie ‘Stoner’ made up for them — or more properly, her lack of them lol — by compensating with her utter disregard for modern STI prevention practices.

  6. ‘Young, dumb, and full of [edited to ‘enthusiasm’]’, several members of the Bowtie Brigade attempt to conceal their rising ‘enthusiasms’ with awkwardly-crossed hands.

  7. Team manager and AV Director, Mary, stands with her award winning team after a successful season at the Northeast Coral Group Song fest .

  8. The two rebels in the Bow-Tie Brigade had quite different attitudes towards sartorial iconoclasm.

  9. I can relate all to well to that photo. While all the posh kids were busy in the Social Circuit, I got out of school every day at 1 pm, and went straight to work at the restaurant.

    Life as the kid of a terminally ill, broke, single mom.

    One thing it did teach me. Lemmings run in a pack. Don’t wanna be a lemming, don’t run with the crowd.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  10. Pretty sure I know whom is going to MIT and which of those going to Yale/Harvard (or Oxbridge),

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