Errr… Wut?

For obvious reasons, this one made me chuckle:

Snake venom can kill breast and colon cancer tumours really quickly, scientists claim.

As I see it, while snake venom may well be able to kill various cancerous growths in the human body, the problem will be to stop it from killing the rest  of the body once it’s done its number on the cancer.

As they admit:

Scientists admit directing the venom to only destroy cancer cells without being fatal to humans will be a challenge.

The team hopes to one day move forward into clinical studies with humans, but they have a lot of work to do to find the right dose.

“Clinical studies”… uh huh.  Dr. Mengele, call your office.


  1. Similar to heartworm in dogs. There is preventative medicine but if you don’t use it, you have to kill the heartworm with arsenic at a dose that also won’t kill the dog. (This may be out of date as I have used the preventative for many years.)

    1. I had that happen 20+ years ago. We got a shelter dog, who’d spent about a month wandering around in the fields before anyone managed to catch him. They tested him for heartworm and he was negative, but about a year later he started acting lethargic, so we had him examined and the vet said he had adult heartworm and the only treatrment was arsenic.

      The treatment acted like it aged him 5 years. A retest a couple of weeks later showed it hadn’t killed all the heartworms, so we had him put down rather than put him through a second round.

  2. A bullet to the head will stop the spread of cancer. The side effects could include nausea, vomiting and death……

  3. Oxygen causes cancer. The proof: remove all of your exposure to oxygen and you will never develop cancer.

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